GPS jammer can block various communication functions

Did you know that the phone cannot receive the signal? Not only will it block the signal on the phone, but it is also related to the way the phone communicates. Depending on the building, radio waves may not be in range. The radio wave did not arrive. Another method is to use a mobile jammer to force you out of service. The device is a radio wave breaker. This device may interfere with the smartphone signal. The phone will recognize it as a service interruption and cannot make calls. You can block connections to Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices.

There is also a way to prevent mobile phones from making calls on the train. There are some rules, such as prohibiting calls in the car. In the family and pregnant women, the influence of electromagnetic waves is worthy of attention. Let us also explain how to block effective electromagnetic waves. This equipment is used in movie theaters, conference rooms, hospitals and trains where it is recommended to turn off the power and behave. You can block various communication functions with GPS jammer. Sufficient shielding ability. Turn off the power to solve the problem.

The location of deterrence may affect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. There is a principle that radio frequency sent from the bail network cannot be received. By transmitting a constant frequency signal, the signal strength of the interfering telephone signal will cover a specific area of ​​the telephone signal. I cannot communicate. This is why it cannot be received. Let us understand the principle of mobile communication. It can be divided into multiple bandwidth channels, including a very important channel called “smartphone electromagnetic coverage control channel”.