WiFi jammer prevents normal operation of the camera

No matter how many hours, days or weeks you are away from home, you may feel uneasy, worried, unattended like this. IP security cameras are an easy way to solve this problem. They can help you pay attention to the situation at home at any time, and most importantly, if suspicious movement or noise occurs, you can directly alert your smartphone.

A security camera is like any security object. Its existence does not prevent intrusion, it can act as a stop or warning. With the increase in fixed and mobile Internet speeds, mobile phones have now become veritable nomadic remote monitoring centers. Now, everyone can install a security surveillance system without spending a lot of money. If you don’t want him to continue to open it, you can try a wifi jammer so that you can prevent the normal operation of the camera.

We put it in front of the most beautiful security camera with a tubular design, champagne aluminum dress and a controllable size (45 x 155 mm). It doesn’t look like a classic security product, and can even be confused with decorations. There is no suspension system, so it must be placed on a flat surface. Installation is simple and fast. If there is a microphone, no speakers can scare away potential thieves.

The camera shoots on 130° full HD film. The image is very detailed and the colorimetry is not always faithful, but it can handle the backlight and has good contrast. At night, the quality is still there. Her daily monitoring is very effective, she knows how to distinguish between people and animals, but most importantly, she is an expert in facial recognition.

After a few weeks of training, she will be able to identify every member of the family. Put it there so that you can see the view of the front door, and when your child comes home alone from school or there is a stranger at home, you will be alerted and you will get a beautiful face photo. The app is very ergonomic, well thought out and easy to use.

It provides many configuration options and very good notification management. No Netatmo subscription, no Cloud, videos and photos are stored on the SD card, and can be saved on Dropbox, NAS or FTP to protect the videos and photos.

The ecosystem includes an outdoor security camera with a powerful lighting system, very good night vision, and a very sensitive motion detector. On the other hand, it does not provide facial recognition. The outdoor Netatmo variant with siren, whose name implies a powerful audible alarm.

Netatmo also provides effective door and window detectors. Finally, internal and external alarms make the image more complete through connected smoke detectors. All Netatmo products are compatible with Apple Home Kit, Google Assistant and Alexa.