Moilbe mobile phone jammers have different frequencies

What is a Jammer phone and what phone can interfere? Have you ever heard the sudden sound of a mobile phone ringing during a concert? Or, when you watch a new Hollywood movie, someone pulls out their phone and speaks loudly? There is a sign on the gas station that says “No mobile phone”, but some people still use their mobile phones to talk accidentally. Are you worried about your safety? What we need to solve all these problems is a Moilbe mobile cell phone jammer we need. It has different frequencies and different purposes. I have a device that guarantees data security. , As a portable interference for operating multi-function devices. It may interfere with the operation of communication equipment. The product radiates in the same frequency range in which it works. It is equipped with a very powerful antenna. This device prevents the use of mobile phones, etc. near the area where the jammer is installed. Designed to protect you. It can support long-term continuous work.

If you are tired of the interference caused by these mobile devices and think you have been tracked by an unauthorized GPS system, you need to use Jammer. A jammer is a device that blocks cell phone signals or GPS signals. This is some of our latest high-power jammer products. Let’s take a look at our most advanced 18W high-power jammer. It has a built-in ALC automatic protection circuit and cooling fan. This high-power jammer has high quality and can work continuously for a long time. It has multiple frequency ranges, so it can block DCS/PCS (1805-1990MHz), GSM (850-960MHz), 3G (2110-2170MHz), GPS (1570-1610MHZ) and WiFi (2400-2485 Mhz). The interference range of this high-power telephone jammer can reach up to 30m. Where to use this high-power jammer?