WiFi jammer can protect data secrets

We all like to use WiFi, it is a faster wireless connection, and very convenient. But at the same time, we must also use wifi jammer. We can walk around the house while still keeping our mobile phones and computers connected to the Internet with high quality. All this can be done wirelessly, which is very important to all of us. But at the same time, we also put ourselves in wireless danger. People can use our mobile phones or computers to steal our information, such as our bank account, our password, our email, our famous photos and so on. This will put us in a dangerous situation. We must find a way to get rid of this wireless hacker. The WiFi signal jammer can help us. It may send out a much stronger signal than the WiFi signal to cover and hide the WiFi signal, so that all wireless devices in a certain location cannot receive the WiFi signal.

The technical index of the portable deterrent equipment is the “Public Security Police Electronic Product Quality Inspection Center” obtained by the “Disease Prevention and Control/Environment/Health Product Safety Management Center” (a certification body national agency that detects electromagnetic radiation). In rigorous testing, the sampling point WiFi jammer used for electromagnetic field intensity measurement is far below the “Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Requirements” (GB8702-88) *Technical specifications: This product can be screwed directly into the wall or ceiling. The surface temperature of the product is increasing The higher it is, it can reach 50°C, so please stay away from low-heat objects. Installation height: 1.0-2.0 m effective! All jammers are designed for different purposes and different locations. In some multi-function jammers, wireless video jammers will be used in combination with other jammers, such as GPS jammers or mobile phone jammers or even wireless networks. As you know, WiFi and Bluetooth are very important to us. It is a wireless technology that supports the short-distance data exchange between fixed and mobile devices that usually use the 2.4G frequency band. This brings us convenience, it helps us to send and receive data and documents within a short distance, which is very important to us now. Wifi is a great invention, wifi device is a cheap device suitable for short-distance use, such as company or home. Thanks to modern wifi technology, you can connect multiple systems and exchange data wirelessly. But the problem lies in wifi technology, wifi connection will expose our data secrets. WiFi jammers will help us solve this problem.