Mobile phone jammers appeared on the battlefield of anti-terrorism exercises

Although only one person can feel today’s news and the resulting Internet anger, interference with mobile phones is common in New York and Washington, DC. This morning, I talked to two such “jammers” about why they bought mobile cell phone jammer on websites such as with prices ranging from $40 to over $10,000. Some have a radius of only 15 feet, while others claim that they are used in military vehicles and counter-terrorism exercises.

A commuter from New Jersey to New York said: “You are the best thing ever. Every morning, he takes the New Jersey transit bus for 40 minutes and wanders in a place of human disturbance. He said he will not be on the whole journey All do this, only when a fellow passenger says “too loud” or “too long.” He said: “It’s in your pocket-they can even make cool cigarettes. I think this is effective for radii of 15 feet or more. ”

Mobile jammers work very conveniently. They will not suppress all phone signals, but will work when the engine is running or the car is not parked. Therefore, even if you are in a park or in a traffic accident, you can use your mobile phone to ask for help. You can also set the device to perform only the tasks you need. The device can be set to block only SMS, email and even all phone functions. However, emergency 911 calls are always active. Jammer Mobile will not prevent you from seeking help in dangerous situations.