Mobile jammers are the best way to prevent cheating

Whether on the street, subway or bus waiting area, we can see many teenagers using their smartphones, most of them use mobile phones to play games or watch game-related information, and some of them use mobile phones to read novels, and Chat with friends, of course, some people are watching something related to learning with their smartphones, but this is rare. Due to the widespread use of smart phones, it has also caused many civilized problems in public places, including when the above-mentioned teenagers use mobile phones to play games, they will open up to the game sound a lot, giving people next to them a bit of noise pollution. Moreover, in some quiet places, they called loudly, bringing other people the trouble of rest and reading. There are many such things, and almost all of them happen to teenagers. Some people who have been poisoned by these things have called for the prohibition of students from using cell phones or the use of cell phone jammer in quiet public places.

There has been controversy as to whether the school allows students to bring smart phones and electronic devices into the school, and whether they can install wireless jammers in schools to prevent students from using mobile phones secretly. We know that many schools prohibit students from using mobile phones, but this is not convenient for parents. Some students can secretly bring their mobile phones, but the school cannot find them. At the same time, teachers are limited and cannot manage every student. So, is it time to consider using cell phone jammers?

More importantly, more and more students are using smartphones and electronic products in cheating on exams. Since they did not listen to the teacher in the classroom carefully, they spent too much time playing with smartphones and electronic products instead of doing homework and learning tests. To pass the exam, some of them have no choice but to cheat. Smartphones are the best tool for searching information and interconnecting. As a result, smart phones and electronic products have become the targets of cheating by students.