Mobile jammers control the phone time very well

If you encounter this situation, do you think you should use a cell phone jammer? It is to protect their rights and interests. Many people have made such a call that mobile phone signal jammers should be used legally. This is to protect their rights and interests. They can be used, not for harming others or illegal things. If this is the case, I personally think that the legalization of the use of mobile jammers should be advocated. If they do not encounter a mobile phone signal, maybe they should understand the civilized consciousness in public places.

Especially in the current mobile penetration situation, it is understandable for some people to make such calls. After all, they are usually busy with various things and it is difficult to get their own rest time, so who can not bear to be disturbed by the phone calls. With the development of science and technology, do you think you will accept the call for legalization of mobile cell phone jammer? How should we deal with it before? In this regard, I did a simple questionnaire survey, in which the respondents were mainly divided into age groups, one was teenagers, one was middle-aged, and the other was elderly. Their views on this issue are different, but they are all aimed at protecting and using their rights to a greater extent. The Internet has different views on this issue. For people who are deeply troubled by phone noise, they are eager to see that phone jammers can be used legally by individuals.

Do you have any unique opinions on the legalization of mobile jammers? I personally think that legalization is good, so you can avoid some illegal use of our signals to interfere with noise pollution. On the other hand, you can also control the phone well and maintain a good civilization in public places.