The cell phone jammer blocked all signals in the temple

The easiest way we might think of is the teaching school, because once we are a student, we have banned the use of mobile phone warnings. With the development of society, more and more schools have installed mobileĀ cell phone jammer. In class, students play with mobile phones and read novels very seriously, which will stop the working signal of mobile phones. In addition, we have gone through an important exam and will find that it will also be opened in the main exam to prevent students from cheating on mobile phones and other electronic products. No one will deny that mobile phones should be stopped during school exams. Children use mobile phones as tools for cheating on exams. Therefore, in order to avoid cheating in the exam.

There is a sacred place in our lives. It is a temple or church. These places usually store sacred things. Churches can be places where people get married, or they can be important places of worship. These places are inviolable. In countries that value Buddhism, they are also sacred and should not be disturbed. But with the popularity of smartphones, more and more people travel to these places. They use their mobile phones to make loud calls and take pictures. This is not a civilized behavior. To prevent this behavior from happening, managers in these places began to install phone interference. The device prevents a series of uncivilized behaviors.

In order to keep quiet temple prayers, interference blocking trumpets have been applied. In Bangladesh, one of the famous pilgrimage centers in southern India, Kuk Seri Subramaniyah Temple, installed cell phone jammers to strengthen security measures. This initiative was taken after devotees asked to protect the temple building from noise. He said: “We have installed cell phone signal jammers with the help of the private sector and blocked all service providers in the temple to prevent believers from using their phones.”

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