Mobile jammer detection is something many companies have to do

The smartphone cell phone jammer detection system is unique to the Tracker Group and is responsible for half of the company’s heavy vehicle repair work. The proprietary and exclusive radio frequency intelligent interference detection system in the tracker of the Tracker Group and the agility of the hunter of the company Operations Command Add up to restore the recording time. In less than 45 minutes after the crime was discovered, the police authorities already had Scania R-400 worth more than R$500,000 and a fee of R$70,000.

The crime occurred in the early morning of May 4th in Sao Paulo. According to the driver, the gunman approached him while crossing the Perry neighborhood in the north of the city. “The tracker in the Tracker Group responds wirelessly and issues an interference alert. Once the “Capetinha” is placed in the vehicle, the alert will send a signal to our operations center. In this way, we can anticipate customer warnings and Further restoration is effective,” said Vitor Correa, Coordinator of the Tracker Group Operations Command.

At present, Grupo Tracker is the largest tracking company in Brazil and owns the largest dedicated radio frequency antenna network in Latin America. During the 20 years of activities in the country, more than 53,000 repairs have been carried out, avoiding losses of approximately 4.7 billion reais. It provides products for the insurance, transportation and logistics, civil and agricultural construction, and passenger vehicle markets. The company also sells GPS/GPRS and LBS-based products suitable for monitoring and managing fleets.