Cell phone jammer intercepts the network

The development of smart phone wireless networks plays an important role in increasing the speed of development. Mobile phones can solve network problems. Mobile phones play a more important role in people’s lives, mobile communications and mobile Internet. Therefore, it caused many problems. Especially in the family network, children are addicted to the Internet mainly because of the Internet. Therefore, many families have gradually begun to install mobile cell phone jammer to intercept the Internet to control the children’s online time.

The mobile phone signal jammers used in the examination room are all full frequency bands, which may interfere with all frequency bands of 3G operators 2G/3G/4G/5G, and can also shield WIFI signals and Bluetooth signals. The above is the principle of mobile phone signal interference. However, the frequency band of electromagnetic waves ranges from several Hz to several hundreds GHz, and each segment can be used as a communication signal. Will the examination room use some special frequency bands? For other radio communication tools, this is correct, and radio communication tools with dedicated frequency bands “come into being” in this case. The working frequency band of these devices is selected outside the frequency range covered by the mobile phone jammer, and the mobile phone signal jammer will not work on them. For this special radio communication tool, the inspection room is specially equipped with a surveillance vehicle. The surveillance vehicle is equipped with a radio monitor for real-time monitoring of radio wave signals from unknown sources.