Mobile phone jammers affect mobile communications

In the technological age, mobile phones have been passed down from generation to generation, and their functions are becoming more and more perfect and smarter. As a result, the popularity of smart phones has appeared. More and more people cannot use mobile phones reasonably, which has led to a series of mobile phone problems. In this case, GSM, which is the frequency band of the basic communication signal, is susceptible to interference. The mobile cell phone jammer is a professional device in the market that interferes with mobile communications.

Compared with indoor interference, the interference range of the same mobile phone jammer used outdoors will be doubled. If the interference range is less than 200m, generally set up a mobile phone jammer, which can be hung on the indoor wall, 1~1.8m above the ground; if it is greater than 200m, usually two or more units should be installed on the front and rear walls; if interference If the space is outdoor and larger than 1000m, multiple units should be used, and the honeycomb distribution effect is better.

Since the frequency band used by mobile phones is dedicated, the transmission frequency of the mobile phone signal jammer in the conference room is completely within the working frequency range of the mobile phone designated by the country, so it affects other electronic devices (such as TVs and radios. At the same time, mobile phone jammers only It interferes with the BCH sent by the base station received by the mobile phone, so the mobile phone cannot establish contact with the base station, so it has no effect on the mobile phone. In addition, although the signal field strength it sends is stronger than BCH, it is much weaker than the electromagnetic radiation field generated by mobile phones. Therefore, it will not cause harm to the human body. It can be used safely for a long time.