Mobile jammer will not leak your voice

Sometimes, we will see a rectangular black object, which looks like a walkie-talkie, hung in the arms of police, security guards and special police officers. what is this? Yes, this is a portable cell phone jammer, used to block cell phone signals from base stations and cell phones to prevent cell phones from working. How about this? If necessary, you can wear it to provide you with a quiet environment and refuse annoying calls.

Now consider whether you need a signal jammer? If your work needs to be kept secret, then your workplace is unstable, and maybe you need a cell phone jammer. Here, we will introduce 3G 4G mobile phone jammers. It targets the interference of all 3G 4G mobile phones. After charging, you can take it to a car, office, lobby, gym or swimming pool and make sure that all 3G phones will not leak your voice and work.

For mobile phone signal interference In order to effectively interfere with the mobile network, it must be ensured that the field strength of the interference signal in the interference area should be much greater than the field strength of the mobile signal BCH. Therefore, the same cell phone jammer uses different locations and effective interference areas. It is different. Generally, the closer you are to the base station, the stronger the local BCH field strength, and the smaller the area where the interference is effectively interfered. Usually, the interference radius can only reach 0.5-9m. The farther away from the base station, the weaker the BCH field strength. In this way, the effective interference radius of the jammer is larger, up to ten to tens of meters. Therefore, before using the interfering device, the local BCH field strength should be fully considered before determining its location.