Fixed cell phone jammers can usually be used for a long time

Many people encounter this problem. This is a brief introduction on how to choose a jammer. If you are an out-of-office jammer, you usually choose a small cell phone jammer. Mobile jammers equipped with 5 antennas are very popular in our shop. Therefore, it is recommended to block the radio waves emitted by mobile phones equipped with 5 antennas. Use interference devices to prevent cheating. We usually recommend the use of fixed jammers at the test site. In addition, we recommend disabling out-of-service devices that have smartphone signals such as wifi, 3G, 4G, and GSM.

The fixed interference device has a wide shielding range. The volume is also different. Portable mobile phone jammers are very small. The weight is also very light. Convenience. Fixed jammers are heavy. The volume is larger than the portable jammer. It is difficult to carry. There are also applicable places. Usually, fixed jammers are used in test sites, prisons, police stations, and military bases. These locations attach great importance to the protection of information. You need a super powerful jammer. Portable deterrent devices are used in places such as commercial vehicles and library meeting rooms. Stationary mobile phone jammers can usually be used for a long time. Fixed jammers have a wide range of applications.