GPS jammers can block radio waves

Many people value information protection. The safety of the surrounding environment must also be emphasized. What are the effective measures to protect your privacy? do you know. This site provides high-quality jammers. If you are worried that your whereabouts will be tracked, then buying a gps jammer is a good choice. Circuit breakers that suppress communication, such as smartphones, emit interfering radio waves in the same frequency band used by mobile phones and PHS, and because the radio wave conditions received by the mobile phone are deteriorated, the mobile phone can be used around the device.

Electronic signals play a very important role in modern warfare. The stability of the signal is very important for combat. Therefore, countries that are studying how to protect the stability of their own signals at the same time will find ways to influence the signals of other countries. Yonhap News Agency said on Tuesday that North Korea has developed a powerful GPS jammer that can jam GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite signals within a range of “more than 100 kilometers.” The news agency said that the news about the GPS jammer was included in the report handed over to the National Defense Committee of the South Korean National Assembly this week.