wifi jammer prevents ringing and phone ringing on mobile phones

During this time, with the rapid popularity of smart phones, I felt uncomfortable with the ringtones of mobile phones in cinemas, cafes, museums, and concert halls. There are many situations that cause inconvenience to others. Have bad behavior, such as cheating on a mobile phone at the test site. Produce unfair results. In addition, sensitive information may leak in sensitive areas such as military bases and government agencies. It is also necessary to provide a quiet environment for patients in the hospital. Using a wifi jammer can prevent ringing and phone ringing on mobile phones, prevent canning, prevent leakage of privacy and confidential information, and prevent radio noise.

There are many advantages, but there are also disadvantages. It has a large blocking range and is narrower than a wifi jammer. The breaking range of the super circuit breaker is very wide. There are many types that can block radio waves. Few types of small phone jammers can block radio waves. If used for a long time, the machine may get hot. Therefore, customers should avoid using small jammers for a long time. This product is suitable for small meeting rooms, commercial vehicles, negotiation rooms and movie theaters. This is a product with good reviews.