Mobile jammers keep students from staying up late

Choose an area that will block, interfere with, or suppress mobile signals, and then connect the jammer to the desk or wall in that area. Then, after installation, turn on the mobile jammer. Then, after the telephone circuit breaker is installed, the telephone interference device can be operated by simply pressing the power switch. At that time, all mobile phones in the field were deactivated. You will lose the signal from the base station, and you will not be able to make calls. Obstacles have been installed in many places in Japan. The test site is the place where cell phone jammer are most commonly used. I think this helps to ensure the fairness of the test during the test.

A teacher told reporters that the school has installed jammers in the dormitory, which is an act of internal management and is a good thing. He said that most of the time is now on smartphones. Many students lie in bed all night and play all night and all day. The next day’s courses are very boring and will affect their studies. After installing a cell phone jammer, students will no longer stay up late to make calls, and the next day will be better. Each floor of the dormitory is equipped with landline phones. If parents or students need to be contacted urgently, they can call the teacher’s phone number. Regarding radiation issues, the school installed a destructive public bidding document for mobile phones, and all purchased products passed national quality inspections and met safety standards. The scope of influence is limited to the dormitory area and does not affect surrounding residents. In addition, a radiation test was conducted, and the results showed that the radiation was very low and did not affect health.