Cell phone jammers prevent contact between electronic devices and base stations

Mobile phone jammers can effectively prevent mobile phone leakage, knocking and noise interference, and are mainly used in secret meeting places, gas stations, prisons, important exams, hospitals, theaters, etc. Jammer-the product purchased from it is called “mobile cell phone jammer“, and the product that was shortlisted to buy the Jincheng Confidential Company of the State Secret Bureau is called “mobile phone signal isolator”, which is to distinguish good from bad in the mixed market Jammer products. “It turns out that the jammers on the market are only power amplifiers to prevent mobile phone base stations from interfering with normal communication frequencies. The jammers are a protocol level set in mobile technology. As a mobile phone between the base station and the mobile phone, a fake base station is set up. The real network does not know. How do mobile phones exist.”

The cinema is a place for leisure and relaxation. It has become one of the places that people must visit during leisure time. At home and abroad, it has become more and more people’s choice for heavy large-scale premieres. We can enjoy wonderful music and thrilling movies in the theater, which will relieve our depression and make our daily habits more regular and healthy. During this time, of course, there will always be many unpleasant things that affect our leisure activities, mainly cell phone ringing, loud phone calls are uncivilized behavior, there are also some uncivilized behaviors and so on. More and more theaters are installing powerful cell phone jammers.