Mobile jammer protects privacy and whereabouts

Important company information may be released by someone through your mobile phone. Cause a lot of losses. Sudden cell phone ringing is annoying. You can quickly disable wifi on your smartphone outside the service area. It is a mobile cell phone jammer that can block annoying signals. Protect the privacy of your whereabouts and confidentiality of information. Designed for ease of use. The equipment does not require complicated installation or professional knowledge. At the same time, you can work 24 hours a day. Very good multifunctional mobile phone jammers are also widely used. For example, it can be used in theaters, museums, hospitals, etc. It can be used to pack radio signals. You don’t have to worry about breaking the silence or affecting precision equipment. Many students secretly play with their mobile phones during class. After purchasing a smartphone electromagnetic shield, students can help them focus on the course. You can maintain a safe and comfortable space. Avoid overheating, high pressure, strong magnetism, humidity and bad places.

Android wireless communication must be secure enough to effectively receive the carrier-to-interference ratio to complete the communication. A mobile phone jammer is a mobile phone that generates the same frequency to receive interference signals to disconnect the communication connection between the mobile phone and the base station, and destroy the receiving state of the mobile phone. Achieve shielding effect communication. The interference shielding force is constant, and it is done by determining the attenuation path of the unobstructed space shielding radius received at the signal level of the base station. The antenna must be connected and powered on first. It is forbidden to remove the antenna when the host is working. The stealth device should be placed in a well-ventilated place to avoid obstruction by large objects to ensure its invisibility.