Mobile phone signal jammer is a good security product

Most mobile phones and GPS devices have a 100% or higher probability of being unusable. Protect your privacy by preventing peeping and eavesdropping. It can also prevent fraud in the use of smartphones. Or a multifunctional eavesdropping spy device, which effectively prevents fraud during the test. Just connect the antenna, turn on the power, and the antenna of the mobile phone and smart phone will gradually decrease after operation. In order to achieve the fairness of the exam, most of the exams use mobile phone signal jammers. The development of mobile phones has led to the development of cell phone jammer. Mobile phone signal jammers can help students learn. WiFi jammer is definitely a good security product.

When using a mobile phone jammer outdoors, you need to pay attention to waterproofing. The antenna should be perpendicular to the grounding direction. Find this time in the system main power switch of the side panel system, in the standby state. The remote control key, the host starts to work on the right. With the remote control key, the host is stopped and the state is standby. Locate the main system power switch on the side panel and turn it off. Route it radio frequency, 3XX433 is a dedicated frequency, 915 is not used, the amount of information is large, the frequency is also high, the mobile phone frequency does not exist, and the police frequency. This product is a dual-frequency high-power wireless transmitter. To the extent that it interferes with radio signals, it can shield the same radio frequency signals, especially for specific applications using wireless devices. The factory frequency is 315MHz and 433MHz, and the mobile phone jammer can be customized according to customer requirements. (225MHZ, 450MHz) The indicator light has a cut-off frequency and can transmit two or more radio signals at the same time. The frequency used alone should only pull out the corresponding antenna ANT1433.92MHz, ANT2 is 315MHz. Two or more battery-powered shut-off frequencies are within 30 meters of the radio signal.