Mobile jammers are becoming personal items

A cell phone jammer or cell phone signal jammer is a device that sends signals at the same frequency as the GSM system. If the mobile phone is disabled in the area where the interference source is located, the failure is successful. The shielding instrument was originally developed and used by the military. If the tactical commander uses radio frequency communication to control the army, the enemy will be interested in this communication. This interest comes from the basic area that refuses to successfully transmit information from sender to receiver. Today, compared with electronic warfare equipment, mobile cell phone jammer or jammer software are becoming private products. With the increase in the number of mobile phone users, it is necessary to turn off the mobile phone at a certain time to interfere with the ringtone of the mobile phone. Big. These locations include places of worship, university auditoriums, libraries, concert halls, conference rooms, and other places where quietness is required.

Some drivers are also equipped with frequency jamming transmitters, so if the police or Kempeter speeds, they will not be spotted. This is prohibited by law, and if checked, it may lead to criminal proceedings and huge fines. Frequency portable cell phone jammers are also popular with thieves, interfering with the frequency of remote shutdown. I thought you closed the door, but you didn’t. The thief doesn’t have to get in the car before you look back. How does frequency interference work? Frequency jammers are not suitable for pickup, so they do not take up space. However, this is a technical tool. It is not expensive, but it is not commercially available. The Internet and the black market are the main suppliers of radio frequency interference. They use antennas to record and encrypt radio waves, making them unreadable. Some frequency mobile phone jammers are far away, but the basic model does not exceed 40 meters.