The mobile phone jammer is normally used in the exam

The call between the mobile phone and the mobile phone is forwarded through the base station. The mobile phone’s ability to make and receive calls mainly depends on the support of the communication base station. After the mobile phone is turned on, it will actively connect to the communication base station closest to him, and the communication base station will command it when making and receiving calls. In fact, it is all communication with the communication base station. So if the prison wants to interrupt the communication between prisoners and the outside world, what needs to be done? The noise generated by the mobile cell phone signal jammer covers the signal of the mobile phone. The noise of the jammer is so great that the base station cannot hear the mobile phone. The answer is very simple. It is only necessary to make noise from a machine with the same frequency as the mobile phone, so that when the base station tries to connect to the mobile phone when. You will find that the signal coming from the mobile phone is messy and unrecognizable, so you will refuse to communicate with the mobile phone. Based on this principle, mobile phone jammers were first developed and everyone was happy. The prison only needs to be equipped with a few mobile phone signal jammers that can emit such noise to block mobile phone communications within the entire prison. And with the need to shield the signal more and more scenes. Cell phone signal jammers that were originally designed to be used in prisons have gradually entered normal commercial scenarios, such as important meetings and exams.

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and mobile phone signal jammers are catching up with the development of communication technology in the 2G era, signal jammers can function perfectly. At that time, most operators used the same frequency band and the frequency was relatively fixed, so it was relatively easy to interfere with it. After the addition of 3G and 4G, the diversification of signal frequency bands follows the rapid development of communication technology. 3G and 4G communications were quickly used in actual scenarios. At this time, the mobile phone jammer encountered a dilemma, that is, the signal interference originally designed for 2G, because of the frequency, it cannot cover the 3G and 4G signals. This also makes the shielding invalid. In this case, the development of communication technology has begun to force the simultaneous development of shielding technology. In order to be able to interfere with 3G and 4G signals, mobile phone jammers quickly evolved special interference functions for 3G and 4G frequency bands. Then there is a problem that 2G, 3G and 4G all need to be shielded, so how about? How about shielding these three frequency bands at the same time and space? The eight-antenna mobile phone jammer can shield 2G/3G/4G at the same time. The answer is simple. The interference band corresponding to the three signals is repeatedly played in a cyclic manner. The interference bands cover three bands at one time, and the interval of this cycle is so small that the mobile phone There is no chance to speak at all but to sit down obediently.