Mobile jammer teaches us to be honest

The school has another exam. ​This time I changed to a more advanced cell phone jammer. Nowadays, in school education​, mobile cell phone signal jammer are all the rage, so what has our education done? Tao Xingzhi said: “Teach thousands of ways to teach, teach others to learn the truth; to learn thousands of things to learn, learn to be a real person.” The essence of education is to let people learn to be an honest person, a trustworthy person, and a conscious person. , A person who is careful… But today’s school education has to use all kinds of technical means to prevent students from cheating every time it comes to various exams. Is this education luck or sadness?

​ It stands to reason that no matter what level of students, no matter what level of examination, non-cheating, non-cooperative cheating is the bottom line of scholars, and it is also the foundation of people. But at the moment our education is unable to teach students to be honest and honest candidates. If you say that this is just the candidate’s own problem, it is really biased. I have seen parents and teachers educate their children in this way: “It’s fine if you don’t learn well. If you step back ten thousand steps, you have to learn how to be a human being.” It seems that many people have said this, but few people have thought about whether it is correct. In fact, with a little scrutiny, you will find that this “retreat ten thousand steps” argument just knocks down the logic. The true nature of education is to teach people to learn the truth, so correspondingly, the true nature of learning is naturally to learn to be a real person. If a person can’t even be honest, what’s the use of learning?

Speaking of this, I remembered a story. Someone had to cross the river with a heavy burden. The baggage contains health, beauty, integrity, agility, talents, money, honor… But the ferryman thinks he is carrying 0too heavy things and asks him to throw away some. As a result, the first thing this person throws away is integrity, and the only thing left is It is wealth. ​In this way, it is not only that some children lose their integrity in the exam, but our society as a whole loses their integrity.

​ There is a continuation of the story just now. When the boat was halfway, the ferryman suddenly changed its course. The ferry was furious and accused the ferryman of lacking integrity. The ferryman laughed at him: “You are a person who has lost integrity, what right do you have to talk about integrity with me? What?” It can be seen that picking up integrity should not stop at learning, it should be more meaningful on the way of life.

​​Going back to the topic at the beginning, if you simply use blocking methods to prevent the behavior of cheating in exams, it is actually more like an extension of Gun’s thoughts of managing the Yellow River floods. History has proved that this method is not feasible at all. It wasn’t until Dayu accepted the mission that history proved that the effect of dredging was much higher than that of containment. Based on this reasoning, can’t all things in the world use the method of dredging? Can use the method of dredging to resolve the matter, or even eliminate it in the bud, why must it wait until the last to chase and intercept it?

Therefore, being a teacher teaches students to be honest and talented is the way to divert, and it is the best policy above education. On the way they grow, if we just blindly contain them, floods will surely overflow. Of course, calling for credibility cannot only be in the examination room, credibility should be awakened in the entire society. Those who are teachers must stick to it, and those who are parents must stick to it. Only by doing this can honesty come back. Otherwise, the popularity of mobile phone jammers will eventually only allow our entire society to actively block integrity! If that day comes, the consequences will be disastrous.