Mobile phone jammers have an impact on the lives of surrounding residents

On July 8, a resident of Shanting District called us and said that because the community is close to the No. 18 Middle School in Zaozhuang City, the school used a mobile cell phone signal jammer during various exams some time ago, which caused the phone signal at home to be ineffective. In addition to stability, it has also seriously affected the work of units also near the campus.
“As long as there is an exam recently, there is a problem with our mobile phone signal, often unable to call out or receive in. Like me, both the workplace and the home are close to the school, and both sides are affected.” Mr. Zhou said that at first, he thought it was a problem with his mobile phone, and he kept receiving text messages reminding him of missing calls. Later, after many colleagues in the unit reported that there was a problem with the mobile phone signal, he realized that it might be the school. The reason why the mobile phone signal jammer was used in the exam, because as long as the exam time is over, the phone call is normal. At the same time, Mr. Zhou also said that although all kinds of exams have ended and the students have also ushered in the holidays, considering that similar situations will occur in the future, I hope there can be a good solution. The scope of this impact is really Too much.

During the interview, Xiao Zhang, a student who took this year’s college entrance examination at No. 18 Middle School, also told us that although his mobile phone was taught during the test, he wanted to call home after the test, but there was indeed no signal. “This is not all to prevent everyone from cheating. Now the cheating technology is very high, so it can be more fair.” Xiao Zhang said.

In order to verify the shielding of mobile phone jammers, we contacted the staff of the mobile company. According to their introduction, due to the “strictest college entrance examination in history” this year, major test centers have turned on high-power mobile phone jammers, so that the range of radiation is also limited. It is wider, and it also affects the quality of the surrounding mobile network. Users are likely to be unable to make calls, or the call quality is poor. “Of course, not only mobile customers, as long as the mobile phone signal within the radiation range of the mobile phone jammer will be affected.” The staff of the mobile company introduced.

At the same time, the reporter also learned from the professional radio management personnel that signal shielding is to use the frequency emitted by the mobile phone jammer to affect the frequency of the mobile phone signal, so that it can no longer establish a connection with the base station, and this frequency is only higher than the frequency of the mobile phone signal. to be successful. But how not to affect nearby residents and units is determined by the coverage. “But generally speaking, this is not easy to control, after all, schools also need stronger shielding systems to avoid electronic cheating.”