Cell phone jammers are very versatile

The husband always answered the phone and went out drinking, so the wife bought a mobile cell phone signal jammer to make the husband’s mobile phone “dumb”. Unexpectedly, this move made the husband angry. Yesterday, Ms. Huang, who lives in Mazhuang Street, told reporters that her husband wanted to divorce her because of a mobile phone jammer.

Yesterday morning, Ms. Huang told us that her husband, Mr. Li, has often been home late since March this year, and sometimes he didn’t even come home. Every time she asked about this, Mr. Li said that it was a friend who called to socialize, and he couldn’t get away. Since Mr. Li was always drunk when he came home in the middle of the night, Ms. Huang was worried that his body would be affected, so she repeatedly warned Mr. Li not to go out and drink too much. After talking too much, Mr. Li felt that she was annoying, and the two often quarreled about it.

Ms. Huang found that Mr. Li went out every time he received a call, and then returned late at night. Not long ago, Ms. Huang found a mobile phone jammer on the Internet. The Internet said that this mobile phone jammer can make the mobile phone in a state of no signal. She was overjoyed and immediately bought one for 1,600 yuan and put it next to the TV at home.

At the beginning, Mr. Li did not find any abnormality. After a long time, Mr. Li found that his mobile phone had no signal when he got home, which was very strange. When he found the mobile phone jammer placed next to the TV, he couldn’t help but get furious, claiming that Ms. Huang didn’t believe him and insisted on divorce. “I can’t imagine that after buying a mobile phone jammer, my husband will divorce me. What should I do now?” Ms. Huang said in frustration.

At about 10 o’clock yesterday morning, the reporter called Manager Ma, the mobile phone jammer seller provided by Ms. Huang. The reporter pretended to want to buy a mobile phone jammer. Manager Ma introduced that this kind of jammer is nicknamed “mobile phone killer”. After installation of a device that interferes with mobile phone signals, in a 20-40 meter radius space centered on it, all mobile phone signals will be destroyed by the interference signals it sends out. The four frequency bands of 1800 and 1900 have targeted interference. No matter China Mobile, China Unicom or PHS of Telecom, they will sleep in the coverage area without exception. Manager Ma also said that the price of the shield is generally around 1500-5000, and the general user groups are gas stations, theaters and libraries.