Mobile phone jammers affect the lives of surrounding residents

Schools that are only “separated by a wall” from the community often hold various exams on weekends, while the surrounding communities have “no signal at all”. “Can the school reduce the scope of mobile cell phone signal jammer , so as not to affect our living needs?” Recently, some readers have reflected their “special troubles”.

“This year, from the New Year’s Eve to the present, Hefei No. 11 Middle School has held various social exams every weekend, and mobile phone jammers are used for each exam. As a result, there is no mobile phone signal in the homes of residents in the nearby Emerald Valley Community, and even the wireless network is not available. It can’t be used and affects the lives of residents.” A few days ago, many residents living in the Jade Valley Community of Yaohai District encountered this “disturbance”. They proposed that they hope that the nearby schools can “shrink the range” of the signal jammers and only cover the Schools should not affect their daily needs to surf the Internet and answer the phone.

Why do signal jammers for school exams affect surrounding residents?

At noon on April 26, the reporter came to the Jade Valley Community on Guxiang Road, Yaohai District to learn about the situation. It turned out that the community is close to the north gate of No. 11 Middle School in Hefei City. The entire community has two conjoined buildings and the adjacent campus “separated by a wall”. The west side of the community is next to the school’s stadium, especially a community building on the south side is connected to the school’s stadium. The teaching building is only separated by a grass, and the distance is similar.

“This matter is the ‘big problem’ in our community. Often the mobile phone has no signal, and a call to the family can’t make a call.” Talking about the signal problem in the community, Aunt Li, who lives here, is full of “bitterness”. She told reporters that the nearby No. 11 Middle School often holds various exams on weekends, and the entire teaching building will block the signal once the exam is taken. Not only does she live in a community without mobile phone signal, but the Internet is a “luxury” – “The signal is intermittent, and watching TV is also a luxury. It’s so bad, I can’t see it.” Another resident who happened to be walking downstairs also said that not only the south-facing building, but also the building to the north that he lived in had the same problem. “My daughter walked away from home a few days ago and forgot to pick up something. I couldn’t get through immediately after calling her. What if we, the old man, live at home in an emergency?”

Subsequently, the reporter contacted the school and the Yaohai District Government on the matter. “Hefei No. 11 Middle School, as the ‘standardized test center’ for the national education examination, undertakes various social examinations on weekends according to the arrangements of the provincial and municipal education authorities, and uniformly distributes mobile phone jammers, metal detectors and other anti-cheating instruments. Use it within the specified time.” Regarding the request of the surrounding residents to “reduce the shielding range”, their reply stated that according to the test requirements, the school uses mobile phone signal jammers and metal detectors within the specified time, and the power and operating procedures cannot be changed.