Cell Phone Jammers Prevent Electronic Cheating

After handing in the papers and leaving the test room, candidates cannot use their mobile phones in the lounge of the test center. This year’s college entrance examination, the Wuhan Municipal Admissions Office spent 40,000 yuan to set up a mobile cell phone signal jammer in each test center candidate’s lounge to prevent cheating. “It is the first time in the history of Wuhan’s college entrance examination to set up mobile phone signal jammers at test centers.” The deputy director of the Wuhan Municipal Admissions Office said that this year’s 67 college entrance examination centers in the city can achieve full coverage of mobile phone signal shielding. “At that time, whether it is PHS It’s still a mobile phone, and the signal cannot be received normally in the student lounge.”
At the end of each subject examination, the invigilator will put all the test papers and answer sheets into a sealed bag, and the subject test papers can be decrypted, otherwise it will be in a top-secret period. Before leaving the test center, candidates are prohibited from using communication tools. Generally speaking, candidates can only walk out of the entrance of the test center 15 minutes after the end of each test.

According to reports, the principle of mobile phone jammers is very simple, that is, by transmitting noise waves on the same channel, the communication signals of normal mobile phones and base stations are submerged in noise.

The test center is located in Huangpi No. 7 Middle School. On June 9th, the third day of the college entrance examination, the test was going on in the school, and many parents who accompanied the test gathered at the gate of the school. The fraud incident that occurred on the first day of the college entrance examination is still a hot topic among parents.

According to a parent who is familiar with Wu Moumou’s family, Wu Moumou is an art student who is studying in another key middle school in the central city of Wuhan in high school. What she didn’t expect was that Wu Moumou brought his mobile phone into the examination room, “I didn’t expect that there was still a signal on the mobile phone in the examination room.”

After the fraud incident was exposed, at noon on June 8, the staff of the Huangpi District Admissions Office said in an interview with the media that the 5G signals used by the candidates involved may have loopholes in the shielding. In response, a person in charge of the Propaganda Department of the Huangpi District Party Committee responded that afternoon that this statement “only represents an individual, not an official investigation result.”

However, the news that “may be due to 5G signal shielding loopholes” immediately attracted attention on the Internet. Netizens mainly focus on two points: At present, 5G mobile phones and 5G signals are not new. Why did the examination room involved have omissions in signal shielding? Such omissions, is it an individual case or does it also exist in other examination rooms?

According to regulations, every large-scale test, a mobile phone signal jammer is installed in the test center to shield electronic signals and prevent possible electronic cheating.

In this regard, we contacted a technician from an operator. The person introduced that the working principle of mobile phone jammers is to send signals in a specific electromagnetic wave frequency band to interfere with the normal communication signals of mobile phones. In this incident, candidates can upload pictures to the Internet through their mobile phones in the examination room. Two situations cannot be ruled out: First, the location of candidates is not within the effective distance covered by mobile phone signal jammers; second, mobile phone interference If the frequency affected by the device does not cover all communication frequency bands used by all operators, it is possible for candidates to connect to the Internet through a certain frequency band.

The person analyzed that if the mobile phone jammer used in the test center was designed for the mainstream communication frequency at the time of the factory and did not consider the new 5G network, the 5G signal may not be fully shielded. With heavy use, cell phone jammer devices need to keep up with the times.”