Cell phone jammers can provide a good environment for customers

Yesterday, the reporter came to Yizhixin Auto Service Company, located at No. 80, Lane 820, Jindu Road, and found that the company’s logo had been removed and the door was closed. However, through the small door that was occasionally opened next to it, you could see that there were still staff inside. Two more cars were parked. When the reporter asked in the name of repairing the car, a man said that the company had something to do and could not take over for the time being. You can see cell phone signal jammer all over the shelf next to it.

We then contacted Mr. Wei from Wuhan and Mr. Zhu from Yiwu, and they found the missing car. Both have returned to their respective dealers. With the consent of the police, Mr. Zhu drove back in his BMW. Mr. Wei’s BMW still needs to remain in Shanghai pending further investigation of the case. Yesterday, the two contacted the local police and the Shanghai police respectively to inquire about the progress of the case. The answer was that the two tenants had not been arrested.

Often there is a need to protect personal privacy. These are the concerns of many people. Especially in hotels and other places, equipped with anti-eavesdropping and peeping products. You can also get great results. In some places, to protect personal characteristics. Cell phone jammers are responsible for providing a good environment for customers in such locations. Professionalism and high standards are necessary. Provide a safe consumption environment. A solid warranty condition is an anti-eavesdropping device. It is a guarantee for the safety of the consumer environment. Voyeurism and other phenomena often appear in public places such as hotels and restaurants. A safe and secure environment is standard. You can get a good consumption experience.