Wireless signal jammer can better achieve shielding effect

The WiFi signal jammer will generate heat when it is working, so it is necessary to install cooling fans and cooling fins to ensure that the machine will not burn out when it is working. But not every wireless signal jammer will make a particularly loud noise when turned on, because the fans used are basically silent. Only the wifi jammer with very high power use a relatively large fan, and even a silent fan will make a sound. Therefore, the human ear can clearly feel it. I don’t know how much power you bought. If it is a low-power wireless jammer, it should be a problem with the equipment.

The WiFi jammer will generate a lot of heat when it is working. In order to make the wireless jammer work stably for a long time, a cooling fan is added to the machine, and the fan makes a sound when it enters the door, so some WiFi jammers can be heard working. Sometimes there is a sound.

The wireless jammers with higher power are louder. Due to the high heat dissipation requirements, the fans are also larger, and the sound is also larger at this time.

Don’t blindly choose a high-power WiFi signal jammer. For a classroom, choosing a WiFi jammer with 2W transmit power is enough to achieve the shielding effect.

After use, be sure to turn off the wireless signal jammer in time to avoid continuous radiation.

Be sure to choose wireless jammers produced by regular manufacturers. WiFi signal jammers produced by informal manufacturers often deliberately increase the transmission power in order to pursue better shielding effect.