Does the cell phone jammer get hot when it works?

In some exam rooms, cell phone jammer are often used, but do you know the key points when using cell phone signal jammers? Let’s learn together:

1. It should be noted that the mobile phone signal jammer should not be placed directly in a place that is too hot, such as a place close to a heater or an air conditioner. This source of heat can affect the use of test signal jammers. Because, during use, the cell phone signal jammer itself will generate some heat. If it is placed in a place where heat is generated, it will cause problems with the signal jammer.

2. Don’t put the signal jammer in the blind spot. Since this dead angle is closer to the wall, it is easy to generate a shielding dead angle. Not only that, it may also hinder the transmission of signals, resulting in poor signal shielding effect in the examination room.

3. Don’t pile other things on the machine. Although some models of cell phone jammers have built-in cooling fans, not all machines have fans. Putting things on it will hinder its ability to dissipate heat. cause damage to the machine.

4. The jammers with external antennas in mobile phone signal jammers basically use soft whip omnidirectional antennas. Its coverage type is circular, slowly spreading out and weakening. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to the placement angle. Usually only professionals can do this. Therefore, it is recommended to find a more reliable company to buy it during installation, and then the company is responsible for the installation.

5. Do not have strong corrosive liquid near the signal screen. However, the general case is made of corrosion-resistant metal. But in order to prevent accidents, try to avoid it.