Cell Phone Jammers Can Try to Do Secret Jobs

This year’s general college entrance examination, centering on the overall requirements of the provincial party committee and government of “safety, quality and fairness”, established “safe college entrance examination, sunshine college entrance examination, warm college entrance examination” to ensure the safety of the test and pay close attention to the test discipline. fair and just. To achieve the goal of “three eliminations and one reduction” (elimination of safety accidents, elimination of leakage cases, elimination of work errors, and reduction of violations of discipline and laws to a minimum). Before the college entrance examination, in addition to using mobile cell phone signal jammer to do a good job of keeping secrets, all functional departments of Tunnel County also perform their own duties to escort the smooth progress of the college entrance examination.

On June 4, the Municipal Law Enforcement Bureau concentrated human and material resources to repair and pave the entrance passage of the No. 1 Middle School Examination Room and some roads in the urban area. The power department conducted inspections and safety inspections on the transmission lines of the test site. Public security, highway, traffic police, industry and commerce, health and other departments formed a joint inspection team to clean up and dismantle structures that obstruct passage such as car washes on the city’s roads, and set up college entrance examination signs in relevant departments. Investigate and rectify the food, student dormitories, canteens, etc. around the test center, and deal with the suspects. Special rectification of illegal behaviors such as cheating in the “three noes” electronic product examination; the environmental protection department should rectify the noise around the test site.

According to reports, the main component of gasoline is a mixture of hydrocarbons, which are flammable, explosive and volatile. Therefore, the gas station is a critical unit of fire safety. Under normal circumstances, gasoline explosion needs to meet two conditions at the same time: one is that the concentration in the air reaches the explosion limit range; the other is that there is a fire source around. The so-called explosion limit refers to the volume concentration range at which a mixture of flammable gas and air will explode when exposed to an open flame. The explosion limit of gasoline is 1.4%-7.6%, which means that the gasoline concentration in the air can be ignited within this range. Because the gas recovery system of gas stations in our country is very perfect, but there are still many people who install mobile phone jammers to prevent electromagnetic sparks from mobile phones. Generally, it is difficult to reach this range, but equipment failure cannot be ruled out due to the diffusion of oil and gas. Ignition sources include open flames, electrical sparks, hot surfaces, shock waves, and the like.