Unauthorized use of cell phone jammers is illegal

In order to improve users’ perception and satisfaction, the mobile company has taken various measures to solve the problem of radio interference: First, establish a fast complaint channel and set up a special complaint hotline to ensure that the problems reported by users are reported in a timely manner. The user solves it as soon as possible. The second is to increase publicity and education, make posters and single-page radio interference complaints and relevant requirements for investigation and punishment, and post them in communities and group units to remind users to set up mobile cell phone signal jammer and loudspeakers without authorization. It is a crime and may violate the criminal law. , If the general public often encounters abnormal cell phone signal or WIFI signal, please report to the operator in time. The third is multi-party coordination, establishing a smooth coordination mechanism with the Radio Regulatory Commission and the Public Security Bureau to ensure that the operators, the Civil Affairs Commission, and the Public Security Bureau investigate and punish the behavior of radio transmission that interferes with the lives of citizens. Normal life order, severe crackdown.

This alert will also be unavailable if someone nearby is using a cell phone jammer. No one can lock or unlock it. However, according to recent research by Don Bailey and Matthew Solnic, this feature can be considered a good security measure. Start with the recently developed cell phone jammer devices. You can crack the password by cracking the encryption algorithm of the GSM alarm. Security experts calculated that the device would cost as little as $5,000 to manufacture. But now it’s getting worse. I already mentioned Don Bailey and Matthew Solnik. I found a security hole in the GSM communication protocol. Even the latest GSM alerts with code for two-way communication and dialogue are exposed to this vulnerability. A malicious person with technical knowledge could enter the vehicle with such an alert and even start the engine remotely.

All you need to do is send the alert a specific text message with the desired action code. The same functionality applies to various smartphone apps for car remote controls. Don Bailey and Matthew Solnic conducted many tests to find this vulnerability. “Just connect your laptop to a GSM network that supports M2M (Machine-to-Machine) technology. With this system, devices can exchange data over the GSM network. When you connect to the network, you are on the same GSM network On. Turn on. You will be able to connect. Automatic alarms will communicate. Now that you have found a way to send commands, such as “turn off alarm” or “start engine”, you have full access to your vehicle. Solnic, Cyber ​​Security expert.