Cell phone jammers won’t harm electronics

The biggest function of the mobile cell phone jammer is to accept the sensitivity test, mobile phone test, etc. The mobile phone signal shielding box and the shielding box have a lot in common, and they are also shielded in various shapes such as shells, plates, and sleeves made of conductive or magnetically conductive materials. It is a metal body that can limit the electromagnetic capability within a certain space to suppress radiation interference, so that the wireless communication device under test is in a non-interference test environment.

In electronic equipment manufacturers, mobile phone signal jammers are essential, and each different field needs different shielding boxes, such as: GPS shielding box, mobile phone signal shielding box, Bluetooth shielding box, mobile phone shielding box, And so on, and the choice of shielding box is also very important, the most important thing is safety and reliability.

The shielding principle of the mobile phone signal jammer is to adopt advanced casting technology, filtering and automatic control technology to make the performance more standard, which can effectively realize the communication with the computer, and incorporate its standard instructions into the test program; This safety protection function can effectively prevent the operator and the product from being damaged by misoperation.