The role and use of cell phone signal jammers

The popularity of smartphones continues to increase, and the range of applications continues to expand. Without it, we go from living consumption to employment. However, in some special occasions, the function of the mobile phone should be limited, but there are still people who do not follow the rules and use the mobile phone recklessly. Therefore, through the mobile phone signal jammer, the mobile phone signal can be well shielded, the function of the mobile phone can be weakened, and the order of special occasions can be maintained.

Cell Phone Signal Jammer Features:

It is used to prevent mobile phones and base stations from sending and receiving signals, and shall not be used within the scope of regulation and regulation. Mobile phone signal shielding can be used almost everywhere, but be sure to keep it quiet, such as libraries, hospitals, schools, movie theaters, etc. In recent years, some companies and educational institutions have also become major buyers. However, cell phone jammer can only be used in situations that require blocking cell phone signals:

1. Schools and classrooms.

As mentioned earlier, cell phone jammers are widely used and often appear in schools for daily teaching and mass exams. Specifically, many teachers are tired of not allowing students to send messages, play games, and surf the Internet in class, because verbal obstruction doesn’t work, and some students use their mobile phones secretly and don’t listen to teachers’ lectures.

During the quiz, we try to find the answer to get a high score. Before, we might have texted, but now we can check our phone at any time. It is not good for students that the same type or question will appear in the web page and the correct answer will be given. So, shielding is required in schools. At least, students can study hard and take exams with their own abilities. Despite their unsatisfactory grades, they are still who they are.

2. Working environment.

Needless to say, email and the Internet are essential in most offices. So what about the phone?

For the office, the convenience of using a computer can weaken the function of a mobile phone, while the frequent use of a mobile phone can cause people to be distracted and less productive. As a result, many companies ban cell phone use during business hours.

Especially in government departments and units, once the staff of the unit accidentally leaks the work content, it is easy to be stolen by criminals, which is a very dangerous thing for government departments and units. In order to prevent the occurrence of such accidents, government departments and units should be equipped with cell phone signal jammers or cell phone signal shielding cabinets to avoid leakage.