Cell Phone Jammers Serious Meeting Discipline

In order to be serious about the conduct of meetings and disciplines, the bureau installed and enabled mobile cell phone jammer in conference rooms of all sizes, allowing participants to devote more energy to the meeting; at the same time, it made practical moves and punches, paid close attention to the construction of style, and innovated warning methods. , implement pre-meeting check-in and in-meeting videography, and criticize on the spot those who are late for the meeting, leave early, absent, ask for leave in violation of regulations, play with mobile phones, sit lazily, or hold meetings empty-handed, etc. , sweating”, after the meeting, it will be notified as a whole according to the situation, and it will be included in the annual assessment of units and individuals.

In recent years, more and more government agencies have installed mobile phone jammer systems in offices, conference rooms and other areas in order to strictly enforce meeting discipline. In the mobile phone jammer industry, we have more than 10 years of research and development, production, sales and engineering installation of mobile phone signal jammers. As a professional mobile phone signal detection and mobile phone signal jammer supplier, our products are undoubtedly quite reliable. Over the years, our company has designed and formulated mobile phone signal jammer system solutions for many prisons, military and police forces, schools, government secret places, etc. in China, providing high-quality and qualified mobile phone signal jammer products, and perfectly meeting customers’ needs for mobile phone signal jammers.