WiFi jammers keep the exam room in order

How many test signal jammers should be installed in a classroom? Every year when the college entrance examination is approaching, before this important day, the staff in charge of the college entrance examination room are actively preparing for the various materials needed in the examination room. There is also a mechanical device called a wireless signal jammer. , This kind of machine can ensure the order of the examination room and maintain a good environment, so that all communication signals in the examination room can be effectively isolated. Electronic signals are an increasing means of transmitting information today, and wifi jammer are required to block the signals. But in the face of the problem of installing wireless signal jammers, many schools are thinking about how many machines should be equipped in a classroom?

To solve this problem, we must first consider the actual effective effect of the WiFi signal jammer, because it does not matter whether there is a base station within 500 meters, and whether it is to be used through the wall. Under normal circumstances, if there is no base station within 500 meters and it is used in an open area, then a classroom will probably need one machine, which depends on the actual usage. This cannot be guessed and can only be used in actual use. I know, so those who are worried about this aspect can buy a wireless signal jammer with higher power, which can also solve the problem.

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