Cell Phone Jammers Improve Students’ Concentration

The school installed 4G jammers in the dormitory. This is an act of internal management and is a good thing. He said that now most of the time using smartphones, many students spend the night in bed, and the spirit of class the next day is very lacking, which will affect their learning. After installing the cell phone jammer, the students no longer have to sit and play with their cell phones, and the next day will be better. Since classrooms are usually not very large, cell phone jammer are recommended, which are very convenient to carry and use – they can be turned on at the touch of a button. Of course, you don’t have to worry about an emergency where someone needs to make a call, they can get out of the classroom and make the call without disturbing others. You can also turn off the scrambling unit only when necessary.

Some customers often encounter this situation when they use the mobile phone jammer again. After the signal jammer is powered on and enters the working state, the mobile phone can no longer communicate, but the signal grid is still displayed on the mobile phone screen. This is because although the mobile phone is connected to the base station, the mobile phone can receive the signal of the base station, but this signal is not enough to ensure that the mobile phone can communicate normally and data can be connected smoothly. The number of signal bars displayed on the phone is false. When you make a call or use data traffic to surf the Internet, you will find that the mobile phone has no signal, and the number of signal bars on the mobile phone will disappear.

Generally speaking, for general testing and small meetings, choosing a mobile phone jammer with a transmit power of 2W-10W can achieve good results. However, from our survey of large schools and important conference venues, many places tend to pursue high-power shielding unilaterally. For example, in a school with more than 20 classrooms, each classroom is equipped with a mobile phone signal jammer device, and the transmission power of 30W is selected. In addition, after the exam, due to inattentive use, there are often cases where a small number of screens are not closed in time and are sent out for several weeks. Especially in an elementary school, the monitors were not turned off for two weeks after the exam. Before we could find that place, we found the screen turned on and sitting on the student podium! Let’s all sweat!