Cell phone jammers block communication between base stations

Before buying, you need to know which data signals you need to block. Commonly used mobile signals (234G) can be selectively blocked. If you only block 2, 3G or only block 3, 4G, you can change it before shipping. However, DXN’s cell phone jammer are shielded with full frequency bands. If customers need to shield a certain data signal, they only need to assemble the corresponding wireless antenna on the device. Regarding the use of shielded venues, if it is used in indoor venues, it is usually suitable for mobile phone jammer devices in examination rooms, conference halls, company offices and other areas. Gas stations need to use explosion-proof and heat-resistant; The output power in use uses a signal jammer device to achieve proper spacing.

The power of mobile phone signal jammers varies, and the shielding distance of high-power signal jammers will be farther, but for some places with strong signals, such as the base station is between 100-200 meters, or the installation of signal jammers will It affects the shielding effect of mobile phone signal jammers, so high-power mobile phone jammers can be used to suppress mobile phone signals. Indoor use and outdoor use produce different shielding effects, and it is necessary to measure the distance between the wall and the building. In addition, the position and spacing of the video signal and the orientation of the cell phone shield can also compromise the effectiveness of the shielding device.

In the practical application of mobile phone signal jammers, affected by the direction and distance of the signal tower, there may be dozens of channels in the same environment, providing users with automatic selection of different mobile phones, as well as the difference between indoor and outdoor field strength, as well as ground and Metal objects will affect the shielding effect of cell phone signal jammers. When applying a mobile phone jammer, it is necessary to understand the environmental area and shielding distance of the shielding site, carefully analyze the local signal, whether there are base stations around, and the characteristics of the building structure, so as to choose a suitable mobile phone signal jammer.