Cell phone jammers prevent the latest 5g signals

This feature of the portable cell phone jammer makes it easy to use without any limitations. In addition, the portable cell phone jammer is easy to carry and easy to carry. Therefore, it is ideal for individuals. Portable influencers come in different models and sizes. Plus, there are 5G jammers that block all cell phone signals from anywhere in the world.

5G cell phone jammers are very efficient and sophisticated devices. It is a powerful device that can block signals up to 20 meters. You can operate a 5G cell phone jammer with a battery and an adapter. Therefore, 5G jammers can be used both indoors and outdoors. In other words, the advantage of this mobile phone jammer is that you can choose the installation location. 5G jammers are a more convenient shielding device.

Some media called this year’s postgraduate entrance examination “the most stringent in history”. The person in charge of the Tsinghua University test center said that this year’s test questions will be changed to large packages. Standard test rooms are packaged with 30 or 15 test papers per package, and the invigilator must publicly verify the integrity of the package before opening. In addition, mobile phone jammers are fully covered to prevent high-tech cheating. At the same time, all open classes use answer sheets and use computers to mark exam papers.

When candidates participate in this year’s public exam, they must paste the “candidate information barcode” issued in the corresponding position of the answer sheet, and use a computer to identify the test paper information when scanning the test paper, just in case. They start taking exams. Finally, this year, the second-generation ID card registration and examination system will be strictly implemented. Candidates take the test with a second-generation ID card.