Cell Phone Jammers Combat Disciplinary Cheating

Everything is on the market because people need them and they help people in some way. Therefore, under this development trend, 4G 2110MHz-2185MHz mobile phone jammers also came into being. It helps a lot of people. Now more and more people are using 4G cell phone signal jammers. And wondering why more and more people want to use 4G cell phone jammer. With the rapid development of signal technology, it cannot but be said that mobile phones have brought us a lot of convenience.

For example, we can use 4G mobile phones to surf the Internet, watch movies online, chat with friends, call and send messages, etc. matter. Yes, we can get a lot of benefits from using a mobile phone, but now there are a lot of problems with a premium mobile phone. People are very annoyed by such issues and want to get a device without damaging their phone. At the same time, in this trend, 4G mobile phone jammers also follow.

Yesterday was the first day of the 2020 college entrance examination. The reporter saw in the Municipal Experimental Middle School and Shi Haizhou Middle School that all the candidates were checked in strict accordance with the “airport security” standards. This year, our city has further strengthened technical prevention in the college entrance examination, and cracked down on disciplinary and cheating behaviors, and has carried out a number of special work for this purpose. For example, the security and confidentiality work of the college entrance examination and the inspection of modern management measures were started, focusing on the management of the warehouses of 8 test centers in the city, and ensuring that the test papers and answer sheets were monitored in real time from the storage room to the test room and the binding room to achieve seamless connection. . A detailed inspection of mobile phone jammers, hand-held security inspection devices and signal detection equipment was also carried out.