Cell phone jammers block carrier signals

Changing technology has also made it easier for people to expose their personal privacy to the public. Recently, a small gsm bug is very popular in the market. It is understood that many buyers have installed such eavesdropping devices on their cars. There are also many who respond to our colleagues who are afraid of eavesdropping on their private conversations. Such bugs can be installed in very hidden places and are not easily detected. Even many professional anti-eavesdropping devices cannot detect it.

Whether it is the national test or CET 4 and 6, cell phone jammer Phone Tracking is required. However, many people do not understand how cell phone jammers work in the exam room. It’s not even clear what signals a mobile jammer can block. Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to mobile phone jammers. The common mobile phone jammers on the market can basically block the signals of all operators on the market.

It also includes relatively uncommon VIFIs that deprive candidates of the ability to exploit vulnerabilities. In addition, the signal shielded by the signal shield of the test room is also different due to the different frequency bands of the signal. Now that technology is getting more and more advanced, the shielding of 4G signals can basically shield all mobile phone signal jammers. However, the speed of technological development is too fast. Now the 5G era is slowly opening. Those cell phone jammers in the exam rooms also need an upgrade.