Cell phone jammers keep employees productive

Since this cell phone jammer uses a stronger and longer external omnidirectional antenna, it can cut off all transmission frequencies covering the downlink from all directions. This Bluetooth UHF VHF 4G# adopts a new design, good cooling system and cooling fan, which can easily achieve the goal of 24/7 continuous work. Except that many high-power cell phone jammers don’t have car chargers, and when people can’t use them in the car while driving, you don’t have to worry about this high-power UHF VHF WiFi cell phone jammer, because it is equipped with a car charger and can be used in Use in the car. Use directly when necessary.

Can a company, organization or school block phone signals? Is it legal? The employee was found to have no cell phone signal on the production floor during working hours. It turned out that the cell phone signal jammer was installed for production and employee concentration. Business managers recently admitted that they have begun experimenting with masking methods to regulate employee production control. The main purpose of adopting this method is to promote safe production and ensure the efficiency of employees. Companies can set up landlines.