Cell phone jammers spark talk everywhere

Needless to say, the cell phone jammer on the market can limit the cell phone signal launched by the rocket to within 500 meters, with a radius of > 20 meters. You don’t have to worry about other electronics being affected as it only blocks cell phone signals. When the nearby signal is blocked, the phone will usually show no signal, search the network, etc. The mobile phone jammer in the game makes occasional noise and is easy to identify by enemies outdoors, so it is suitable for placement in small spaces.

In actual operation, pay attention to the environment when installing mobile phone jammers to avoid being affected by other metal devices in the area. You may need to make some changes so that teens can drive safely. There are 6 3W high power antenna LoJack 3G 4G cell phone jammers. The high performance of 3G/4G phone jammers cannot block all 3G 4G signals. You can also block LoJack signals. This can completely erode the LoJack CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G 4G Wimax 4G LTE signal up to 40m. The interference radius at which the signal strength varies from a specific area. With a well-designed cooling system, you don’t have to worry about the heat generated by the equipment you use. You can easily achieve your goal of running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without damaging your equipment. Also, design with a car charger and pass it.

The topic of whether mobile phone jammers are suitable for the college entrance examination room has sparked discussions everywhere. The reporter learned from the Municipal Education and Examination Institute on the 28th that mobile phone signal jammers are not used in the city’s middle and college entrance examinations; however, candidates will sign a letter of commitment to the integrity test. Shen Benliang, deputy dean of the Municipal Education Examination Institute and director of the Municipal Higher Education Admissions Office, confirmed that mobile phone jammers will not be used in the city’s high school entrance examination this year. Shanghai has always advocated integrity in the college entrance examination, actively instilling the concept of honesty and integrity and shameful cheating. The yearly violation rate is very low.