Cell phone jammers protect our information from spreading

It is understood that the gsm bug is only the size of a coin and can be placed in the car or attached to a certain place on the car through a magnetic device. It can record driver conversations without their knowledge. Of course, an eavesdropper might also connect a car battery or a high-capacity battery to keep the GSM tracker continuous. On the other hand, this makes the threat more persistent, and the privacy of the eavesdropper is constantly being stolen.

This GSM bug can be placed in a hidden place in the office or home, such as under a desk or built into home electronic devices such as alarm clocks, TVs, chargers, etc., very hidden. The power supply under the table may need to be cut off, and it may be discovered by accident, but it is built into the device and not only is not easy to be found, it can also be powered directly from the power supply of the appliance, working indefinitely for long periods of time. Illegal tracking of vehicles, eavesdropping on conversations in cars, and eavesdropping on private homes are all illegal acts that pose a great threat to personal privacy and should be taken seriously.

The mobile cell phone jammer (blockers) in the examination room are divided into omnidirectional and directional types according to the form of interference (shielding). The omnidirectional type is an olive shape, and the directional type is a fan shape, so the omnidirectional type is a shielded type. Jammers have a larger shielding area than directional jammers; WiFi jammers (jammers) are designed to generate specific electromagnetic waves to jam the downlink of their mobile communication signals. If the power of the jammer is greater than the power of the local cell phone signal, the cell phone will have no signal. If the power of the jammer (jammer) is less than the power of the local cellular signal, the cell phone has a signal.