Cell phone jammers prevent spies from getting information

Secret research sites are prime targets for adversaries and foreign intelligence agencies to steal secrets. Install electronic monitoring, anti-theft, alarm and other safety devices according to actual needs, and strengthen prevention. Anti-espionage activities in secret places avoid eavesdropping by establishing dedicated telephone networks and using optical fiber transmission; building electromagnetic shielding rooms, shielding covers, cell phone jammer, etc. to avoid wireless eavesdropping. Listen for vibrations by limiting the size of the sound source, implementing sound protection and pipe muffling, fixing mufflers, etc. Anti-theft photos of secret locations.

Use stealth technology to prevent spy satellites and high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft from stealing location photos; use control methods such as entry and exit security inspections, access control technology inspections, and video surveillance, as well as detection methods such as microelectronic equipment detection and metal detection, to prevent mobile phones and other photos from being stolen. The secret location is leak-proof. For electromagnetic leakage and emission, low-leakage computers can be used in places where classified equipment is scattered and the degree of secrecy is high; places where classified equipment is concentrated and highly classified, electromagnetic shielding rooms and electromagnetic shielding cabinets. Devices that process category and subcategory status information can be equipped with video blockers.

Why is this kind of error so hard to detect? Because it is an analog mobile phone signal, a lot of mobile phone signals are mixed. If it is not operated by people who are very familiar with wireless signals, even some professional detection equipment is not easy to detect. no result. When the eavesdropper dials the phone card number in the eavesdropper in different places, the eavesdropper starts to work, and the surrounding sounds are transmitted to the eavesdropper through the mobile phone signal. Track location. It threatens people’s normal work and life all the time.