Cell phone jammers get rid of life influences

In the examination room, before purchasing a cell phone jammer, you may wish to conduct an actual test to determine the actual shielding range of the jammer, and then decide how many cell phone jammers you need based on the actual test data. This is very important, otherwise there will be some places that are not blocked. However, regardless of whether the cell phone jammer will be affected or not, a better and more professional cell phone jammer is essential. A wireless signal jammer is a device used to block the transmission of signals from those devices that work through signal reception. We seem to be free from unexpected distractions and live a safer life. The following is a brief introduction to our wireless signal interference products.

Our mini wireless cell phone jammer. It looks like a mobile phone and is very convenient to carry. It can effectively block GSM and 3G signals as well as WiFi and GPS signals. It is specially tuned to interfere with the following cell phone frequency ranges: GSM (850-970 Mhz), GPS (1500-1600 Mhz), WiFi (2400 – 2480 Mhz). This wireless signal jammer emits low-power radio signals to cut off communication between the base station and all nearby cell phones. But it can’t interfere with mobile phones within a working radius of 10 meters! Its camouflaged appearance is definitely a spy gadget. Plus, it’s only $99, so everyone can afford this cheap wireless signal jammer.