WiFi Jammer Blocks Camera

Protecting privacy and security has always been a topic of debate for us. Friends who often travel to hotels, homestays, and rental houses should always improve their safety awareness and see if they can hide small lenses.

Today’s headline hot search#The seller claims to be able to crack all home cameras in batches# This is an urban reporter who received a clue and entered the black production chain of candid video. After months of research, she learned a startling insider: In hotels, hair salons, fitting rooms, and even bathrooms and toilets, pinhole cameras are ubiquitous, with tons of private images clearly marked for sale.

In the video, we can see that the original privacy has become “sharing”. No matter where you are, as long as you have a pinhole camera, you can see 360 ​​degrees without blind spots. How rampant!

The most surprising thing is that these invisible cameras can be controlled remotely and can be pushed, pulled, and zoomed in. In the face of a pinhole, civic privacy is very fragile. How do we protect our privacy?

Cameras are installed in secret filming locations. These cameras are all candid cameras, which can not only be controlled remotely, but can also be rotated according to the moving position of the characters. It is enough to see that the invasion of the privacy of the scene by the black chain of candid photography is far beyond our imagination.

Whether you are installing cameras at home or in stores, you should avoid private places such as bedrooms, bathrooms, toilets, dressing rooms, etc., to isolate “lawless elements” from the source. In fact, the best advice is that when friends at home go out, unplug the camera completely and turn it on again. Using a portable wifi jammer device is a very smart choice!