Cell phone signal jammers have been selling well in the world

Mobile phone jammer is a new type of environmental protection information security and confidentiality product newly developed by applying modern high technology. The working principle of this product is roughly the same as that of the communication signal source. A fan-shaped shielding space is customized according to the power of the shielding device, and the normal signal connection between the signal source and the mobile phone is disconnected, so that the mobile phone in the space can be disconnected. Invalid, unable to answer or call out, so as to achieve the purpose of forcibly prohibiting the use of mobile phones, thereby ensuring the safety and confidentiality of the scene.

Mobile cell phone jammer are used in different applications, and the effective shielding area will be different. This is closely related to the signal field strength at the scene. Different styles of mobile phones do not necessarily have the same shielding area at the same site. There are many factors that affect the shielding area of ​​a cell phone jammer device, including but not limited to: distance, direction, and obstacles relative to the signal source. , the wall material of the on-site building, the installation height and installation standard of the shielding device, etc.

3G WiFi LTE4G GSM Jammer. Check out this wonderful gadget with an amazing 6 antennas and a body like a vintage cell phone, you must spend a lot of time learning more about this cell phone jammer. Alloying in conference rooms, museums, classrooms, training centers, factories, banks, trains, buses and many more places, this 6 high power antenna 3G cell phone and LTE4G 2600 cell phone jammer has been selling the world. For some special-purpose places, such as hospitals, gas stations and other places where it is dangerous to make calls. It can be used directly in the car with the car charger, and it can work for a long time without interruption as soon as the button is turned on.