Cell phone signal jammers are mainly for various exams

Do the police really tell us how to monitor and track our phones? Is this correct? good morning everyone! I heard that the ACLU received a certificate that gave police instructions on how to track a cell phone jammer and use it to spy on us. is this real? Documentary evidence received by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) indicates that law enforcement has developed training programs to train police officers to track cellphones and obtain various private information from cellphones and even cellphone carriers. The documents also contained numerous invoices from different operators for the different services they could provide to law enforcement, including the prices for those services.

The mobile phone signal jammer in the conference room is mainly aimed at the current situation that some criminals use mobile phones to cheat in the domestic college entrance examination, adult college entrance examination, self-examination and college examinations. The current situation, as well as the troubles and noises caused by mobile phones in government offices, large, medium and small conference rooms, concert halls, theaters and other serious places, according to the actual situation of domestic mobile communications, high-tech products have been carefully developed.

Requirements for different frequency bands are added later. By superimposing the radiator, the original 12-channel output can be easily expanded to 24-channel output. The fixed holes for the superimposed radiator plate are reserved, so that even if more frequency band mobile phone signal jammers need to be added later, there is no need to worry about the lack of radiator space. And it can be extended to up to 24 interference frequency modules to achieve more frequency signal interference, or to achieve the same scene through frequency refinement to expand the ability of the shielding effect.