U.S. Army plans to test jam-resistant GPS system in Europe

Norwegian intelligence said it was tracking the source of the signal interceptor, pointing to the Russian military base on the heavily guarded Kola Peninsula nearby.We know that even low-power cigarette lighter jammers will emit enough detectable interference to form power bubbles around the vehicle, so it is difficult to determine which vehicle is installed with the jammer under heavy traffic.

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Our two biggest findings are to identify vehicles with jammers in the fleet, and to detect and capture containers with low-power jammers insideNATO found encrypted GPS signals for the first time in the large-scale Trident joint exercise held in Norway, Defense News reported.Finland and Norway complained to Russia about the interruption.The image can then be called as actionable information within a few seconds after the camera takes the jammer.The camera sensor technology triggered by the jammer successfully identified and photographed the vehicle hosted by the jammer at all speeds and powers in all test cases.They train very close to the border, and they know that this will affect the other side of the region.

The interference was intentional.Either way, the vehicle is located in the center of the frame, so only one frame is needed, which greatly reduces the bandwidth required between the sensor and the network server.We have to overcome some major challenges, the most important of which is to fully automate the system so that it only takes pictures of vehicles with jammers.The Finnish Military Intelligence Agency said Norway’s analysis reflected its own research and assessment.

The photo identifying the vehicle with the jammer will then be sent via the mobile network to the web server, where it will be distributed as a hyperlink to the target email address.GPS jammers pose a serious threat to military and commercial aircraft using the affected airspace in the far north.The US Army plans to test anti-jamming GPS systems in Europe to counter Russian electronic warfare.A series of GPS jammers are hidden in vehicles passing alone or in convoys, including cars, trucks and containers.