GPS jamming technique could also be used to manage drones

It’s easy to buy GPS jammers on the Internet and crash drones.At present, the military application of GPS jamming technology is mainly concentrated in the field of electronic warfare.Before determining the exact nature of the scenario, the Norwegian authorities classified it as confidential.For example, some VIP roles can prevent illegal positioning with GPS tracker.Because you don’t know when your vehicle will be followed by others.In North America and Europe, such devices are also needed to protect privacy.Russia’s electronic interference with Finland’s and Norway’s GPS networks began in early September 2017.The use of jamming when the war has not yet completely broken out will reduce Russia’s effectiveness in the real war, because the United States and the Allies will check the signal and find a way to overcome the signal and improve it to find the anti fault system being used.

In localization applications, we have a common problem: we are not trying to locate the emitters relative to ourselves, but trying to locate ourselves relative to multiple emitters.GPS spoofing technology controls an unmanned aircraft.These devices have played an important role in the success of the recent conference.The famous Davos Economic Forum used similar devices to regulate the use of UAVs to ensure order and safety.And this kind of signal jamming is effective for all UAVs.

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The loss of GPS function of commercial aircraft will certainly lead to disastrous air disasters, but Intel Norway believes that the Russian GPS interference with Finland/Norway is not the intention of the Russian government or the Russian military.GPS jamming technology can also be used to manage UAVs.Of course, we use the same technology: GPS is a good example of a TOA system.They use micro helicopters to destroy the GPS system in the UAV, and then provide coordinates so that the UAV can reach its destination.This leads to too many positioning technologies, such as received signal strength (RSS), angle of arrival (AOA), time of arrival (TOA), time difference of arrival (TDOA), frequency difference of arrival (FDOA), etc.

For decades, one of the main requirements of electronic warfare has been the geographic hostile transmission.It is not the first time that the vulnerability of UAV has been exposed.In view of the fact that separatists supported by Russia are using this system, it is likely that this system will become another electronic warfare weapon manufactured by Russia and will be used in the front line of agent war, which can not only affect the battlefield, but also be used for research and test purposes.In view of the sudden spiral descent of the UAV in the released video, the system is likely to be a radio GPS jammers.GPS jammers can be easily ordered from the Internet, and have the ability to protect privacy and prevent third-party tracking.These products are beneficial and should be purchased.The US Army is already looking for field weapons that do not rely on GPS for accurate results.